Browser Extension Development


Resources for developing a browser extensions


  • Making extensions is different for
    • Firefox, Safari, Chromium based browsers (luckily Edge is entering this ecoysystem soon)
  • Some chrome based extensions work on Chromium-based mobile browsers, e.g. Yandex / Dolphin, depending on which APIs they us

Suggested baseline

  1. Fastest way to start: Extensionizr, or fork a similar extension. Use Parcel or snowpack for low-config bundling.
  2. If more involved, fork a boilerplate:

Boilerplates used in the past

(Update in 2021 next time I ship something, check w/ Abe to see what he used for "You are here")

Prior work

  • TODO: add as section to Archived Projects

  • Topology layout explorer (based on redux devtools x cytoscape)

  • Local Demos

    • Login to sites / sidecar in Electron
    • Web scraping visual assistance (Kimono Labs / Parsehub)

Future sections