June 2022

  • More research on tools for building interactive nonlinear narratives
  • Returning to Dendron for digital gardening (v100 release!)
  • Dial up practice of "decision journaling"

Last month

May 2022

  • Keeping a weekly review, coming up with 10k questions
  • Internal frontend conference, teaching "grammar of graphics" using Figjam
  • What would it take to maintain a personal information systems across decades?
    • Data interoperability
  • Reading more about reliability / chaos engineering
  • NDM conference

Last month

April 2022

  • Visualization accessibility (rapid prototyping, low code)
  • Diagrams for onboarding and reliability
  • HYTRADBOI conference (local first data), datalog, putting a database in your frontend

  • Sapiens graphic novel (Part 2)
  • Information Anxiety
  • Tools for thought rocks meetup (Bill and Tony)
  • Dataviz meetup (Robert Kosara) on visualizing data in new ways - learned to use OBS

  • I didn't do the thing today (Madeleine Dore)
  • The inmates are running the asylum (Alan Cooper)
  • Information Anxiety (continued)
  • Updated Figjam plugins to work in Figma Design
    • Graphpad
    • Excalidraw Pad
    • P5.js pad
  • Testdrive TwosApp
  • Keyboard shorcut of the month
    • ctrl shift square bracket... good for cycling