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Data Visualization New York Meetup

Data Visualization New York Meetup

Data Visualization New York is the largest offline community of data visualization professionals in the world. We gather designers, statisticians, analysts, programmers, mathematicians, data architects, start-up execs, content specialists, and all kinds of other amazing people from across the industry. We explore the full range of possibilities for how to convert raw data into visible, shareable insights.

I co-organize the Data Visualization New York Meetup with Naomi B. Robbins.

Latest: Wednesday March 10

Richard Brath: Visualizing with Text: New ways to think about text and visualization

Abstract: Some of the biggest societal challenges today are related to text: fake news, phishing emails, social media disinformation, and so on. Yet, text can sometimes be an afterthought in visualization. My new book, Visualizing with Text, (AKPeters, 2020), tackles the role of text and visualization. It starts by looking backwards and sideways to see how other domains interweave text into visualizations. Then, it assembles these as a set of textual ingredients that can be assembled into any visualization. From there, I show many different examples of new and extended visualizations. The talk will cover the history, the ingredients, and a few fun interactive examples.

Bio: Richard Brath is a long time visualization designer with Uncharted Software. At Uncharted, he has created visualizations in use by hundreds of thousands of users per day. Richard is critical of the foundational assumptions of visualization, such as the role of text or shape in visualization. 10 years ago Richard started a PhD to research some of these issues, which has culminated in the publication of the book Visualizing with Text. Richard also publishes a blog on visualization at

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Past events


February: Ben Jones Abstract: We live in a world in which many of us struggle to speak the language of data. Learn about what we need to do to enable people with relevant, foundational data skills to drive the use of data and build a data culture in our businesses and in our societies.

Bio: Ben Jones is the founder and CEO of Data Literacy, a training and education company that's on a mission to help people learn the language of data. Ben teaches data visualization at the University of Washington Foster School of Business, he's the author of Avoiding Data Pitfalls (Wiley, 2019), Data Literacy Fundamentals (DLP, 2020), and his most recent book Learning to See Data (DLP, 2020). Ben formerly led marketing for the popular Tableau Public platform at Tableau. To balance out the digital side of things, he loves hiking and backpacking on the beautiful trails of the Pacific Northwest. Ben holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from UCLA (2000) and an MBA from California Lutheran University (2011).

January: Jessica Hullman: Visualizing Uncertainty for Better Inferences from Data Abstract: Charts, graphs, and other information visualizations amplify cognition by enabling users to visually perceive trends and differences in quantitative data. While guidelines dictate how to choose visual encodings and metaphors to support accurate perception, it is less obvious how to design visualizations that encourage rational decisions and inference. I'll motivate several challenges that must be overcome to support effective reasoning with visualizations, and describe visualizations and interactive mechanisms that can help.

Bio: Jessica Hullman is an Associate Professor of Computer Science (primary) and Journalism at Northwestern University. Her research develops new representations for data as well as new ways to interact with and evaluate visualizations for amplifying cognition and decision making. She co-directs the Midwest Uncertainty Collective, a lab devoted to better visualization techniques, tools, evaluations, and theory around how to communicate uncertainty in data, with Matt Kay. Jessica is the recipient of a Microsoft Faculty Fellowship, NSF CAREER Award, and multiple best papers at top visualization and human-computer interaction conferences, among other awards.


  • 2020-12-03 : Visual Display and Analysis of Geo-referenced Data with Dr. Linda Pickle
  • 2020-10-20: Data Visualization for Real-world machine learning with Julia Silge
  • 2020-05-20: Changing the Way Novartis Pharmaceuticals Interacts with Data
  • 2020-02-10: 4 Member Talks / abstracts and bios
    1. Anthony Starks: Recreating the Dubois Data Portraits
    2. Jonathan Martel: Stop Centering Your Data (and other rules to pass on to the masses)
    3. Matthias Brendler: Experience Wall
    4. Paul Blankley: Zenlytic: No-Code Visual Data Exploration