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Digital gardening is the Domestic Cozy version of the personal blog. It's less performative than a blog, but more intentional and thoughtful than our Twitter feed. It wants to build personal knowledge over time, rather than engage in banter and quippy conversations. - Maggie Appleton


  • Read Kevin (Private)'s post while setting up Dendron
    • Rethink traditional blog architecture: no need for "newest first".
    • Optimize for capture, then apply curation after.
      • Peer ideas
        • ETL -> ELT: Apply schema at query time
        • Similar to capturing semantic information as triples for maximum flexibility
        • normalize data / apply schema only once perf demands it
    • Presenting "latest first" does not prioritize people
      • Thoughtful curation vs doing what's most convenient for a DB
      • Prioritizing human readability over machine readability

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