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Archive of Public Projects


vega proof of concept with streamlit

  • September:

    • Made a block-dodging game in Unity to learn the engine for Unity's IPO
  • August:

    • Enrolled in "The Poet and the Natural World" online course at the Eagle Hill Institute
  • June - September:

    • Mentor for the Jurist Digital Scholars Program, a program promoting research at the intersection of technology, law, and public policy
    • Scaffolded project ideas based on available datasets during the program design
    • Gathered resources about topics ranging from ABMs to NLP (natural language processing, agent based models)
  • June - August:

    • Read GEB after 7 years on the "someday" list, finally made it through with friends.
  • March

  • January - March: Almost Everywhere (w/ Abe Rubenstein) @ Data x Design

    • A physical geospatial data art piece based on gaps in the NYC Open Data portal
    • Part of NYC's annual Open Data Week
    • TODO: Link to Jupyter notebooks + PostGIS Writeups
  • January

    • gitlab-notifier-cli: Made a CLI tool to send native Mac alerts when my CI jobs complete. Used to practice the skills from Shawn Wang (Private)'s OCLIF course on, and to use Xstate. code


  • December
  • October
    • Hacktoberfest:
      • Mentored first-time OSS contributors at the in-person kickoff
      • New projects: shipped PRs for OperationCode (added resource page + fingerprint for LogRocket), Ibry Desktop (dove into the world of programmatically pausing GIFs, micro-optimizing bundle weight), bundle-buddy (export to static HTML), semiotic-docs (object constancy demo)
  • August: Code Art
  • July - October
    • Dove into the world of codebase visualization and research on the questions developers ask when debugging an existing system or onboard to a new codebase frontend-code-maps
    • Presented
  • May - August
    • Developed several visualizations for end-of-internship cards based on Git and Issue tracking software (Jira, Trello) data. Have not open sourced the code yet.

git visualization history

  • May - June

    • Remade the famous graphic from Edward Tufte's The Visual Display of Quantitative Information using data from NY area transit systems (MTA)
    • Prepared a talk about both the graphic + my process for the NYC Chapter of the Data Visualization Society.
    • Writeup + slides are here.
  • April

    • Experimented with audio visualization and processing in the browser using Spotify's NFPlayerJS. See demo
    • Experimented with visualizing NFGrapher's DAG representing audio transformations. See issue
  • April - June

    • Built DUQE with @round (Private), a webapp for interactively exploring hierarchical data with cross-links and Mike Bostock's experimental "CSTree" file format using a variety of layouts. See the live demo and the "about" tab for more information
    • Site structure is influenced heavily by the Vega editor
  • March - November

    • Implemented examples from Youtube coding channels (especially Daniel Shiffman) inside Storybook with P5.js
  • February

    • Made a React Native game at the American Museum of Natural History's "Hack the Solar System" event with Vivien Ngo, Peggy Li, and Anna Leonenko.
    • In the game, you play as a star that tries to "capture" planets from other stars. The goal was to give learners a playful way to develop intuitions about gravity. code / video / slides


  • October

    • Made a public data based p5.js app Satellites Near You at NYC Space Apps hackathon, with Rashida Kamal, Jiyeon Kang, and Vivien Ngo.
  • July

    • Gave a presentation inviting people to seek Faster Feedback Loops when making data visualizations at the Data Visualization NY meetup. slides
  • July - August

  • July - September

    • Collaborated with a team from the Rocky Mountain Institute on an interactive tool for policy makers in India to perform what-if simulations of the environmental effects of different policy decisions. The tool implements a model developed by Marshall Abramczyk and Christine Phan.
  • April

    • Invited to prepare a D3.js-based interactive data visualization for graduate students at the New School Parsons School of Design.
    • Shared notes as an ObservableHQ Collection
  • March

  • January

    • Led a team in making a whimsical + physical (Rube Goldberg Machine) of a data pipeline pictures and writeup

enigmachine diagram


  • December
    • Built a visualization/decision support tool using public opioid data: OPAT
  • September
  • May
    • SpheroTeam: Investigated ideas in "swarm robotics" using computer vision, PID control algorithms, and the Sphero toy robot. Find our code and writeup here. (#TODO: upload video clips)
    • iAudit: Implemented a tool for enabling multiple parties that can't share data (for privacy reasons) to determine how many items they have in common. This is useful when deploying applications across multiple cloud providers for reliability/performance, and for groups trying to assess the impact of data breaches. More details here. Built with William Dower and Ennan Zhai.
  • March
    • Wrote 110+ Python web scrapers to compile a dataset of academic dermatologists for this paper


  • September
    • PushEats at HackMIT
    • Using NativeScript for mobile app development. Made with Wendy Sun, Kat Tan, and Stan Swidwinski
  • Tracking Climate Pledges of Cities and Companies (Nature Commentary)
  • Course Explorer (Experiments in cross linking + data scraping)


  • TODO: migrate this year's examples to the garden
  • September - December
    • Text+: Conversational Digital Art at the YUAG
      • Inspired by Hello Lamp Post (Playable Cities Project). Prototyped at Unhackathon with the help of Rob Spectre @ Twilio, John Tambunting, Eindra Kyi, Victor Zhen, and Mohammed Islam.
      • See full project description at "gallery + txt" here
  • January - May
    • Music Explorer
      • I must say that the children who visited after its installation really enjoyed the game! We even had two sisters fight over their right to play, and one was put in "time-out" in our foyer. She literally had to stand in a corner by herself to calm down after being so intensely excited to play. ~ Kelly Hill, Museum Curator

      • See full project description at "Musical Instruments" here
      • Made with Zobia Chunara, Daniel Fischer, Austin Lachance, and Summer Wu.


  • TODO: migrate this year's examples to the garden

  • November

    • Habitar, a virtual pet for habit-building. Made with Megan Valentine, Alan Liu, Summer Wu, and Grace Li.
  • Fall - Spring

    • Learning Illustrator practicing design by making posters and event banners for different groups
  • July

    • Welcome page for the incoming freshmen (my first website with visitors), enabled by Bootstrap. Thanks to Tyler Derosier for recommending video tutorials.
  • June

    • Consolidated the resources from 3 websites into one for the nonprofit Math as a Second Language, using a spreadsheet as a CMS.


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