NYC Vaccine List

NYC Vaccine List


A volunteer-led project to find available vaccine appointments in NYC, updated every minute. Leading development on the website (api/frontend) part of the project.


Finding an vaccine appointment means navigating 10s of differently designed sites. We can simplify the interface to 1 page.


  • Grouped events by state

Technical learnings

  • Integrating Tailwind CSS outside of a formal build system
  • Making use of detail / summary HTML elements
  • Accessibility beyond aria tags
    • Color contrast
    • Warning people when they're about to leave the site
    • translation / localizing dates, numbers, etc, avoiding the double text render problem
    • Using Preact x Next.js
  • Using Pipedream to quickly spin up discord bots/twitter pipelines
  • Using Datadog Synthetics as a slot availability checking system


  • Scaling data augmentation with volunteers
  • Replicating entity resolution / data updating a central location for other geographies
    • Currently using Observable Notebooks x Google Sheets as an interim canonical ID generator
  1. Location search
  2. Sign up to be notified when X happens
  3. Provide feedback about the conditions if you did get a shot


  • Initial: Dan Benamy, Jason Fogel, (see about page for current list)