Data Journalism Tools

Tools to take notes on


  • Dataproofer:
    • EJ Fox + Ian Johnson (Private)'s Knight Project
    • Visualize cells in spreadsheet heatmap that don't pass JS tests that you write
    • "Data quality checker", see also
      • Missingno (Aleksey Bilogur), Great expectations, (frictionless data spec)
  • Datasharer (ICIJ):
    • Used for Panama papers, ease process of finding structured entities in raw documents and finding relationships
  • Workbench
  • Cookiecutter data science template (see Peter Bull's ODSC presentation)


  • Bad Data Guide (Quartz)
  • Quantitative Editing Guide at FiveThirtyEight (Laura Bronner) src
    • What you'll need (data, docs, data reshaping code, data analysis code)
    • Questions to ask in advance, during review,


  • Neo4j / graphistry
  • Panama papers analysis
  • Buzzfeed news on FINCen / SRI