OPAT: Opioid Prescriber Awareness Tool

OPAT: Opiod Prescribing Awareness Tool

In December 2017, at the 24-hour HHS (Department of Health and Human Services) Code-a-thon, we built a simple and visual tool to let physicians see if their prescribing behavior is unusual compared their peers. To do this, we linked publicly available data about drug prescription rates, referral networks, and multimodal treatment options, and presenting it in a minimal search interface.

OPAT lets prescribers see:

  • their prescribing behavior relative to that of others in their specialty, both in-state and nationally
  • abnormally heavy opioid prescribers among the network of physicians to whom they refer patients
  • clinics for multimodal pain management and addiction treatment in their area along with contact information
  • links to their state opioid registry to facilitate detection of "doctor shopping" behavior

The above bullet points are from Alex's LinkedIn writeup

Built with Alex Rich (Private), Rob Margin, John Cronin, and Jarrod Parker.

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