• Projects Side Projects
    • Feynman method
    • Getting into programming indirectly
    • Examples from my own life: learning D3, typescript, react while not a frontend engineer
    • "Creating healthy pressure a form of accountability"
  • Setting career / technical / people development goals
  • Finding / maintaining mentor relationships
  • Managing school <> workplace transition
  • Figuring out when to ask for help / persist solo
  • Mindset
    • compound interest
    • evergreen skills
    • Keep track of what you see others do that seems to work (learning to learn) / developing objective rubric
  • Routines
    • Email / ticket writing
      • Using headers, bolding, direct links, being concise
    • Debugging
    • Code review
    • Giving feedback
      • Book /
    • Keeping a work journal (for technical growth, personal motivation, writing peer feedback, etc)
      • H/t Camilo
    • Building your own library of protips / tools


  • Kitchensoap: Elements of being a senior engineer

    • Elements of being senior, looking outside software for inspiration
    • Separating coaching, mentoring, and sponsorship (h/t Clinton)
  • Being an Engineering Mentor: Kyle

    1. Be a cache / friend
    2. Enough of a safety net to bootstrap appropriate risk taking
    3. Help provide appropriate challenges (technical, leading, etc)
    4. Provide business / engineering context that they may not know about
    5. Reinforce positive attributes
  • Lean on handouts from coaching for Connect / Keith Ferazzi

  • Chelsea Troy (Private)

    • Leveling up series
    • Socializing change
  • Being Glue

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