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June 2021

  • Became a co-maintainer for the @nteract/data-explorer project
    • Fixed data access bugs + set up automation for generating changelogs, managing versions, etc
  • Learned to make plugins for Storybook by basing a plugin off the Google Analytics addon
    • Practicing working with plugin ecosystems generally as part of readings from Jimmy's class
    • The template uses zx for scripting, and auto for versioning/release management (which I've brought to both the nteract and vega ecosystems)
    • Looking into customizing auto led me to the webpack tapable framework, as well as visual code explainers from Codecrumbs about how the tapable lifecycle works
  • Advising as a board member for the 2021's batch of JURIST digital scholars

Last month

May 2021

  • Presentation for learning week: "A Chart is Born": Where data visualizations come from
    • Demos on / github
  • Adapting Nyc Vaccine List pipelines to supply data for LinkNYC kiosks
  • Annotating a read of Peopleware