December 2022

December 2022

  • Revisited "human in the loop" papers from HILDA (2016-2023)

Last month

November 2022

  • Ran spatial canvas test-drives via TfTR
  • Improved Datasette-lite JS plugins demo:
    • Plugins that fetch data work without a full page refresh. PR #6
  • Investigate port for digital childrens' library project

Readings / Mini Themes

  • Applying "convention commits" / "conventional comments" concept to writing weeknotes. Easier to skim.
  • Learned to publish new Docker images w/ gitlab (for notifications in a team channel)
  • Tour of workflow automation configuration UIs - both "text" and "visual" representations
  • Benchmark: Obsidian Canvas, TLDraw gets funded, logseq canvas