Covid Commitment

Project: Covid Commitment

A simple tool to show COVID19 prevalence in counties within driving range, and to encourage safe behavior with a simple shareable checklist.



Technical Details

  • Geopandas/Shapely/Pandas based data pipeline generating county level summary statistics
  • Interactive LeaflefJS Map generated by Folium, displaying County Case Counts and Isochrone (Travel distance) data
  • NextJS/React frontend built with components from Semantic-UI
  • Backend is a hybrid of Darklang and Python lambda functions managed by the Serverless framework
  • Caching via AWS Cloudfront + API Gateway
  • Analytics with Datadog RUM + Google Analytics + Serverless Dashboard
  • Geo-lookups powered by Algolia's Place search
  • Isochrones data provided by Mapbox + Openrouteservice

Outline to fill out:

  • Design process
    • - see our Project Writeup + video
    • when going national / international
    • Gave a mini-presentation to Exaptive's Covid Cognitive City
    • Adding the behavioral commitment device
  • Feedback
    • Media reception
    • Sharing groups
  • How it was built
    • Jupyter prototype
    • Powerpoint mockups
    • Frontend in Next.js / React
    • Data pipeline
    • Serverless functions
    • Instrumentation
    • Adding daily trends data
  • Challenges
    • From state to national to international
    • Data quality format / schema changes
    • Visual design iterations
  • Screenshots / Video
    • WIP